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Ford used to make tractors in the mid to late 20th Century and we have a comprehensive range of diesel fuel injection spare parts for Ford tractors in stock at Darwen Diesels.

In the beginning, Ford tractors were branded Fordson, and they were the equivalent to the tractor market as the Model T was to the automobile market. They were a reliable design, very affordable and came with a wide dealer network. They started to replace the use of horses in agriculture.

Manufactured in Springwells, the home town of Henry Ford, they were initially made by the "Henry Ford and Son Company" from 1917 to 1920 and then the Ford Motor Company (both US and UK) from 1920 to 1928. From 1928 until 1939 there was an interruption in the production of tractors in the US, whereas production continued in the UK under the Fordson name until 1964. The Fordson name was ceased in the US in 1939 and Fordson became Ford tractors.

Ford came back into the tractor market with the N-series and the sales of the 8N model growing until it became the most popular tractor of all time in North America. The 8N was launched in 1947. In 1953, The Ford NAA replaced the production of the N line range of models in the US. UK production of Fordson tractors was based at Dagenham in Essex, running from 1933 -1964.

Over time Ford made a number of company acquisitions in the tractor market, and it grew. Eventually, Fiat bought Ford-New Holland (as Ford had become) in 1993 and the company and tractors name was changed to New Holland.

Nozzles, Nozzle Elements, Delivery Valves, Gasket kits, Lift Pumps, Injector Nozzles and Filters are all part of our extensive range of diesel fuel injection spare parts for Ford tractors. We also carry accessories such as copper seating washers in stock too. We can also make up filters and filter assemblies to your required specification too. 

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