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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items

Fuel filters are an essential part of the safe and effective running of your engine, removing particulates, dirt and water from fuel which could otherwise cause problems in some engine components. Fuel filters act to protect your engine.

There are different types of fuel filtration. Some older vehicles had pre-filters that had a gauze filter that trapped debris and particulates, some cars can be fitted with magnetic filters which fit into the fuel line. The magnet attracts ferrous material and removes it from the fuel. A number of more modern vehicles house the filter in the fuel tank.

The fuel filter performs the following roles:

  1. It prevents engine wear that abrasive contaminants could cause
  2. Stops the blocking of fuel injector nozzles
  3. By removing water in fuel (more frequently diesel fuel) it prevents engine corrosion
  4. By reducing contaminants, it improves engine performance
  5. It can prevent wax crystallisation that can occur in diesel engines at low temperatures.

The stock we have of filters at Darwen Diesels is extensive and includes magnetic filters, non- return valves with incorporated filters and gauze pre filters. We often stock filters that might otherwise be hard to find, or you may require a filter that is very difficult to source, so call us first on 01254 53545 to discuss our current stock availability. We also offer free technical advice over the phone too.

The filters we have in stock are available for next day dispatch.

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