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Lift Pump Assemblies

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Showing 1 - 12 of 134 items

The main purpose of a lift pump is to bring fuel from the fuel tank up to the fuel pump. Whereas lift pumps were commonplace before the advent of common rail, they are far less so now as electric pumps or vacuum pumps are now mostly used to get fuel to the fuel pump. This is certainly the case since about 1997 or 1998 when common rail started to take over.

Our stock at Darwen Diesels consists of both diaphragm and electrical lift pump assemblies in either 12 V or 24 V. It is an extensive stock and covers many older diesel engines from the 1950’s through to the introduction of common rail in the mid- 1990’s.

In terms of manufacturers, we stock BCD and Superpar to name but a few manufacturers of lift pumps as well as AC Delco who were an original equipment manufacturer owned by General Motors.

Our AC Delco stock of lift pump assemblies includes CG, CP, FE, FH, MD, XD, RA, U, UF, VP, VPP, XJ, YD, YJ and PA diaphragm types as well as plunger and priming pumps.

We also carry modern lift pump assemblies such as the electric pump inside the filter assembly that is used in Perkins applications.

If we receive your lift pump order before 4pm, we will be able to provide same day delivery. Any order after 4pm will be despatched next day. All lift pumps are couriered to our customers for your convenience. Please call us on 01254 53545 for more information.

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