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Leyland diesel fuel injection spares are part of our extensive range of vintage spare parts for use in the engines of tractors, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, boats and cars.

 Our stock items include Injector Nozzles, Filters, Lift Pumps, Gasket Kits, Fuel Pipe, Delivery Valves, and Pump and Injector parts to name but a few.

The origins of the brand name Leyland go way back to the Lancashire Steam Motor Company. This was established in 1896, but it changed its name to Leyland Motors after it acquired another local steam motor company in 1907. Before WWII Leyland made its mark in the industry by designing and manufacturing – between 1920 and 1923 - the Leyland Eight, a notable luxury grand tourer of its time.

After the second world war, Leyland Motors undertook several company acquisitions, thereby fuelling its growth. These purchases included Scammell who were a specialist and military lorry manufacturer, in 1955, Albion motors who were bought in 1951 and Standard – Triumph who manufactured vans, cars and agricultural machinery.

1962, under the guidance of Donald Stokes, who became Managing Director in 1962, Leyland Motors became a Holding Company which was called Leyland Motor Corporation. The company takeovers continued and in 1966 it acquired Rover Cars. With the purchase of Rover came Alvis Car and Engineering company. At the time they were a well -established aero-engine and armoured fighting vehicle manufacturer.  

There was a merger in 1968 between Leyland Motors and British Motor Holdings, which gave birth to the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC). With British Motor Holdings came famous brands such as Jaguar, Daimler, Guy, BMC, Austin and Morris.

The management of a large organisation with so many individual brands, sometimes making similar products, was unworkable, and this factor along with many others, led to financial problems which meant that government financial support was requested, and given, in 1974.

Many diesel engine have been made by Leyland over time, especially in the commercial vehicle sector. At Darwen Diesels, we stock diesel fuel injection spare parts for Leyland engines. Spares can be ordered online from this shop or you can call us on 01254 53545 or email using the contact form for more information. Stock parts can be despatched same day if we receive the order before 4pm.

If you don’t know the part you need, please call us on 01254 53545 or email us to discuss your parts requirement for Leyland Diesel Fuel Injection Spare Parts and we can quote a price and delivery

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