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Filter Tops or Filter Heads

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Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items

There are three principle elements that make up a filter assembly.

There is the filter head, also known as the filter top, the filter itself, and then the filter bowl.

The purpose of the filter head is to determine where fuel is going into the filter and equally where it is coming out of the filter. It could be coming in left and leaving to the right or vice versa. Equally, it could be a five-point filter where fuel in coming in at one angle but leaving at another.

In reality there are a number of different variations of configuration of inlets and outlets and it depends entirely on the vehicle manufacturer.

On some filter tops, there is a primer. The purpose of a primer is to prime the diesel from the tank to the filter and then from the fuel system to the engine. It provides a safety mechanism for scenarios where fuel from the tank needs to be brought to the engine with a minimal amount of wear or damage.

There are numerous variations of filter top available from our stock at Darwen Diesels. We have single and double filter heads (they filter the fuel twice) in both metric and imperial sizes. We can also offer a range of vertical and horizontal mounting for the filter head.

Our list of stock is too much to mention, but we have filter heads in stock for Ford Mondeo’s, The VW Golf (old and new), the Fiat Punto as well as several Toyota and Nissan models. We have filter heads for light commercial vehicles too. We stock Bosch and Purflux filter tops too.

The filter heads available to be sold separately or fitted to make the precise assembly you need. Please call us on 01254 53545 to check stock availability.

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