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  • Lift Pump Assemblies

    The main purpose of a lift pump is to bring fuel from the fuel tank up to the fuel pump. Whereas lift pumps were commonplace before the advent of common rail, they are far less so now as electric pumps or vacuum pumps are now mostly used to get fuel to the fuel pump. This is certainly the case since about 1997 or 1998 when common rail started to take over.

    Our stock at Darwen Diesels consists of both diaphragm and electrical lift pump assemblies in either 12 V or 24 V. It is an extensive stock and covers many older diesel engines from the 1950’s through to the introduction of common rail in the mid- 1990’s.

    In terms of manufacturers, we stock BCD and Superpar to name but a few manufacturers of lift pumps as well as AC Delco who were an original equipment manufacturer owned by General Motors.

    Our AC Delco stock of lift pump assemblies includes CG, CP, FE, FH, MD, XD, RA, U, UF, VP, VPP, XJ, YD, YJ and PA diaphragm types as well as plunger and priming pumps.

    We also carry modern lift pump assemblies such as the electric pump inside the filter assembly that is used in Perkins applications.

    If we receive your lift pump order before 4pm, we will be able to provide same day delivery. Any order after 4pm will be despatched next day. All lift pumps are couriered to our customers for your convenience. Please call us on 01254 53545 for more information.

  • Lift Pump Repair Kits

    A lift pump repair kit, quite simply, will prolong the life of the lift pump, replacing the parts that wear because of movement. At Darwen Diesels, we stock and supply repair kits from several different manufacturers of lift pump.

    It is the moving parts of a lift pump that cause problems in the long term as they just deteriorate through usage. So, for example, the diaphragm will degrade over time, as it moves continuously and, largely because of fuel contamination, the valves will decline in their operational efficiency. To ensure that the lift pump continues to work effectively those parts will need to be replaced, and the timing of the replacement will depend on factors such as the vehicle mileage and its service history.

    If you need to purchase a complete lift pump assembly, they can be quite expensive, and it may not be required to do so. Replacing the parts with a repair kit may be the most cost-effective solution for you.

    The range of engines that we can supply lift pump repair kits for include FCM, BCD, AC, Amal, Friedman, Maier and Perkins and we also have parts in stock for FP/KZZM (which is Bosch) and PLD/PPS (CAV) lift pumps. Please contact us for our full stock of repair kits, and even if we don’t have the kit in stock, we might still be able to source it for you.

    We have highly knowledgeable and experienced technical sales staff who can help and guide you if need advice in purchasing a lift pump repair kit. Please do not hesitate to call us on 01253 53545.

  • Lift Pump Flange Gaskets

    Lift pump flange gaskets are usually robust and do not require replacement. It is only if there is a leak in the lift pump or the pump is removed that replacement may be required.

    Diesel fuel leaks, are not only expensive, but they are also dangerous and damaging to the environment with potential contamination to the engine oil. If the diaphragm perishes or tears, the diesel can leak into the sump, diluting the engine oil and can lead to a seized engine.

    In the past, flange gaskets were made from CAF (compressed asbestos fibre) but all gaskets are now made from paper, and that has been the case for some time.

    If your diesel engine does have a persistent fuel leak from the lift pump it is advisable to get it rectified as soon as possible. It could be a failed gasket, O-ring or rubber boot that is fitted on the diaphragm stem that could be the issue. The tell-tale sign is if you have a puddle of diesel under the engine after if has been left to idle for a period of time. If this is the case and you decide to rebuild the lift pump, we would recommend that you replace all of the gaskets and O-rings to be really sure that any possibility of reoccurrence of the leak has been removed.

    Whether you want a two, three or four hole fixing seal between the engine and the lift pump, we are likely to have them in stock at Darwen Diesels.

    Please talk to our technical team if you are unsure about your requirements, or whether you are ordering the correct part. We are likely to have the flange gasket you need in stock, but if we don’t, we are happy to try and source that part for you. Please call us on 012545 53545.

  • Electric Fuel Pumps

    Electric fuel pumps can be used as direct replacements for old, mechanical fuel pumps on some vehicles. Mechanical pumps can be unreliable, inefficient and are sometimes prone to leakage. They are also less able to maintain higher fuel pressures at constant rates than electric fuel pumps.

    The majority of modern-day common rail diesel engines have their fuel pumps installed in their fuel tanks, whereas in the early stages of common rail development, electric fuel pumps were often used instead of lift pumps.

    We stock a wide range of electric fuel pumps at Darwen Diesels, and we back that up with excellent free technical support. Manufacturer’s units that we stock include Bosch, Denso, Delphi, and Siemens along with solenoid and piezo. The units are for both petrol and diesel engines (12volt and 24 volt), and we also stock adaptors if needed.

    With the 24 volt fuel pumps, we also supply two types of filter assembly which the pump is integral to. The 24 volt electric pump has particular applications in tractors, generators and larger commercial vehicles. Examples would be Massey Ferguson tractors, and Landini and Perkins engines.

    The 12 volt electric pumps are used in various applications such as cars, smaller boats and light commercial vehicles.

    The 12 volt and 24 volt pumps operate under different pressures with the 12 volt operating at 4 – 5.5 PSI, and delivering up to 18 gallons per hour. The 24 volt unit operates at 4.5 – 6 PSI and delivers up to 12 gallons an hour.

    We also have in stock, spare parts associated with electric fuel pumps such as inlet adaptors, in-line filters, clamps and supply lines. Delivery time on stock units is normally next day delivery if we are contacted before 4pm.

    We pride ourselves on our experience and product knowledge and would be happy to help you with your electric pump requirements.

    Our technical and sales team will be able to help if there is a unit you are looking for that is not on our database.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 147 items

Before the advent of common-rail diesel, lift pumps were the primary mechanism for bringing fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel pump. It is a low-pressure pump forcing diesel fuel to the high-pressure pump in the engine; the lift pump supplies the head of pressure needed to that high-pressure pump. Since common-rail, electric pumps, or vacuum pumps are used to get fuel to the engine fuel pump, but there is still significant demand in the market for pre-common rail lift pumps. We not only have a great deal of knowledge of lift pumps at Darwen Diesels, but we also have an extensive range of them in stock at our premises for a broad range of applications including: Cars, agricultural, light commercial, plant, marine and commercial.

We also stock lift pump assemblies, repair kits and flange gaskets. We also carry modern lift pump assemblies such as the electric pump and electric pumps inside the filter assembly that is used in Perkins applications.

The engine manufacturers which might require a lift pump that we stock include: KHD, Cummins, Iveco, Ford, Isuzu, Perkins, Volvo, Scania, Ruston, MAN, Rolls Royce, Mack, Dorman, Lister, Bedford, David Brown, Case, JCB, Mitsubishi, Freight Rover, LDV, BMC, Ruggerini, Massey Ferguson, VW, Fiat, Perkins Prima, John Deere, Mercedes, Lombardini, Rover, Kubota, Nissan, Leyland, British Leyland and Yanmar.

If you need our assistance, our technical and sales team have over 200 years of combined experience and product knowledge and will be happy to help out. If we don’t have your particular lift pump in stock, we may be able to source one for you, too.

If we receive your lift pump order before 4pm, we will be able to provide delivery for the next day. Any order after 4pm will be despatched the following day. All lift pumps are couriered to our customers for your convenience. Please call us on 01254 53545 or email us for more information.

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