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22D1116 CAV Delphi Filter Assembly 14mm with Primer Long Metal



22D1116 CAV Delphi Filter Assembly 14mm with Primer Long with metal base

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CAV Delphi Filter Assembly 14mm with Primer Long with metal base

OEM Part Numbers

6260B615 - 6260B615B - 6260B665 - 6260B665B - 6260B765 - 6260B765B

Vehicle Applications

CITROEN BX17D, BX17D TURBO, BX ESTATE 17D, BX 19D, BX ESTATE 19D, BX ENTERPRISE 19D, C15D 1.8, C35D 2.5, VISA 17D, PSA XD, A-XUD7, XUD7, CRD93B, CRD93LS, XDP4.88, C25D 1.9, 35D 2.5,XUD9-161, M25-661, CRD93B, U25/673, XDP4.88, XUD7L, XD3, XD3P, XD3PT,  XUD7TE, XUD9, FIAT B22-615 (242-15 2.2), FORD GRANADA 2.5, 2.5 TURBO, GRANADA II 2.1, P100 SIERRA 1.8TD, SCORPIO 2.5, 2.5 TURBO, SIERRA 1.8 TD, SIERRA 2.3D, JEEP (DAIMLER CHRYSLER) CHEROKEE 84 2.1TD, PEUGEOT 309, J5, RENAULT 18 2.1D, 20 2.1D, RENAULT 852, J8S, ROVER 200 1.7 TURBO, 1.9 N.A., 218D, 400, 418D, TALBOT EXPRESS 290 SWB 2.5TD, EXPRESS 310 LWB 2.5TD, EXPRESS 350 LWB 2.5TD, EXPRESS SPORTSMAN 12 2.5TD, EXPRESS SPORTSMAN 15 2.5TD, EXPRESS SPORTSMAN 8 2.5TD

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